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Why Choose Metek Barn Door Hardware
- Aug 14, 2018 -


1.Metek barn door hardware made by brand new superior raw material, we refuse to use recycled materials. Perfect pre-processing of casting and powder-coating technique lead to smoother finishing, better impact resistance and greater persistent coating.


2.Metek barn door hardware is approved with low lead tolerance by Bureau Veritas Agent, which is less than 90ppm and meets America CPSIA and California CP65 standard.  Meanwhile, it passes ten thousand times of endurance test and 180 kilos of loading test initiated by Intertek, which is up to North America ANSI/BHMA A156.14 standard.


3.POM rollers are manufactured by machining, instead of injection molding, in order to create perfect combination of inner and outer structure. Inside duplex bearing completely fits with POM rollers, which not only lengthens service life, but also guarantees smooth and quiet operation.


4.Door stoppers employ powder metallurgy technology, which ensures accurate and undeformed holes. So they can fit with track seamlessly.


5.The 6mm thick 40mm wide solid track is smoother and rounded after being chamfered. We accept any custom size of track.


6.Equipped with 8.8-class high-strength bolts, Metek barn door hardware is in possession of better bearing capacity. Electroplated surface is more rust-proof.


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