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Sliding Door Function
- May 15, 2018 -

With the improvement of people's living standards, enjoying life has become the pursuit of people. The home is always the warmest harbor, and the gate is the most important part of this bay. Sliding doors, modern household life is indispensable for the door, in order to let everyone have more understanding of sliding doors, here to share some of the features on the sliding door.

First, separate the space. This is the most basic function of the door. With people's requirements for decoration becoming higher and higher, using sliding doors to separate the space is not only convenient, but also beautiful, and it greatly meets the needs of different users.

Second, enhance privacy. The importance of personal privacy is self-evident and people are paying more and more attention. Sliding doors like a wall, increase the privacy of different groups of people, but also add a bit of fun to life.

Again, traditional hinged doors were replaced in the closet area. The style of the open door of the old-fashioned wardrobe is fixed, the appearance is single, and the simplification does not reveal a sense of beauty at all. With the gradual deepening of people’s understanding, advanced wardrobe designs have gradually replaced traditional wardrobes, tailored wardrobes, and stylish, practical sliding doors, which not only improve the quality of life, but also make it easy to use and meet different requirements. The needs of group consumers are absolutely the first choice for modern home life.

There is also sound insulation. Tailor-made sliding doors not only meet the needs of everyone in size and design, but if some customers seek for sound insulation on special occasions, our company's sliding doors can add soft fabrics, sponges, foams and other materials to enhance sound insulation. Effect.

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