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Sliding Door Effect
- May 15, 2018 -

"Sliding door", commonly known as sliding doors, is different from other categories. It is a relatively new door in the last decade or two. Let us first talk about the role of sliding doors:

1. Separate space. Sliding doors, no matter how different their styles, all play a role of space limitation and separation. The level of strength can be determined by the size, material, style, and color of the sliding door. The sliding door, which is opaque, dark in color, and hard in texture, has strong separation force and gives a clear boundary to the space. Such a sliding door is suitable for a wide space with a high level of height; the size is not large and the material is light and thin. Good permeability sliding doors have a low degree of spatial confinement, and the spatial interface is not very clear, but they can be separated from each other in the space division, so that the space maintains good mobility, and the levels are more abundant. Such sliding doors are suitable for the division of various living spaces and the limitation of local spaces.

2. Block the line of sight. Sliding doors have the effect of blocking the line of sight in different degrees according to the difference in the material's transparency. Different functional areas have different requirements for visibility. When the large space is divided into small spaces through partitions, the lighting problem must also be considered. For reading areas with high lighting requirements, a good light-transmitting sliding door is used. For certain lighting requirements, Transparency does not use too good area, you can choose some semi-transparent sliding doors, so that not only meet the lighting requirements, but also can block a certain line of sight.

3. Sound insulation. Soft fabrics, sponges, and foams all have a certain sound-absorbing capacity, so the sliding doors decorated with these materials have a good sound-insulating effect.

4. Increase privacy. In the modern living room, the bathroom, bedroom and other spaces are no longer surrounded by fixed four-sided brick walls. In the individualized design, transparent glass bathrooms are common. In order to take care of the privacy of life, the entrance of these areas can be covered by moving sliding doors.

5. Increase spatial flexibility. The sliding door will be started or moved at any time according to the requirements of use, structure, and decoration style. The space will also be divided or combined, become larger or smaller, and will be more flexible and changeable with the subjective intention, so that everyone can have a certain space requirements. Freedom, increase space flexibility.

6. To replace the hinged door in the wardrobe, the old fashioned wardrobe is used in the flat door, and is a complete set of furniture in the form of a fixed, single, looks very modest, and now gradually replaced by the overall wardrobe The custom-built closet with a ruler combined with stylish and practical sliding doors not only satisfies the customers' own wishes and requirements, but also can be used smoothly and ensure the use. It is the best choice for modern home life. Imagine having a stylish sliding door in a closet that is elegant and tasteful. The use of left and right pushes is much more convenient than the previous swing door.

These are the characteristics of sliding doors, which cannot be replaced by ordinary doors. I hope that everyone would like to expand space and enhance light while taking into account what position to use sliding doors would be more appropriate! Choose the sliding door that suits you! Increase the taste of home life.

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