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Nowadays People Generally Choose Sliding Doors
- May 15, 2018 -

Nowadays people generally choose sliding doors. It is low-carbon, environmentally friendly, affordable, and highly decorative. It is suitable for installation in wet environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. It has a strong material, a variety of colors, and a variety of glass types. At the same time, it is more economical than other types of sliding doors. It is the first choice for ordinary families.

Because the plastic sliding door has good sealing and heat insulation, the overall deformation, the surface is not easy to aging characteristics. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for the large northern areas of the sand, especially in the case of improving the balcony utilization rate, ensuring the temperature of the balcony, clean the preferred product. Moreover, for houses with large outdoor noise, it is best to use plastic-steel doors equipped with insulating glass or double glass, which have excellent sealing and sound insulation effects.


If a glass or silver mirror is used as the core of the door, it is generally 5mm thick; if the wooden door core is used, the thickness of 10mm is the best. Some manufacturers use thinner boards (8mm or even 6mm) to save material costs. Too thin planks, push-pull up appears to be frivolous, shaking, poor stability, and after using for a period of time, it is easy to warp deformation, card guide rails, resulting in push and pull is not smooth, affecting the normal use.

Paint surface

The paint surface has undergone double-layering in the spray transfer process, ie, dust removal and impurity removal on the surface, which increases the adhesion of the paint surface and the paint surface will never come off. However, some small manufacturers' profiles are simply fired. Even without melting, the paint is easy to fall off and the texture is not clear.

The surface of the profiles of large sliding door manufacturers is handled by the company itself and then processed using imported advanced technology. The product's paint surface is smooth, smooth, even and full, and has a clear texture. Manufacturers of small-sized sliding doors wholesale the finished colored material from the profile plant. The surface cannot be processed by itself. The color is single and the door color is not interchangeable. If the profile is scratched during transportation or installation, the color of the original door is not Matching, color differences and other issues.


The planks used to make sliding doors (mainly fiberboard and chipboard) are man-made boards, and the adhesive used contains harmful substances such as formaldehyde. Many of the closet door manufacturers on the market, most of their wood production in the country, and even the use of poor plate, a lot of formaldehyde content of the plate exceeded the standard, distributed indoor, polluting the environment. In the cold season in the north, when the doors and windows are closed, the health of consumers will be more affected.

Material of pulley

The pulley is the most important hardware component in the sliding door. The material of the pulley on the market is plastic pulley, metal pulley and glass fiber pulley. Metal pulleys are strong but tend to produce noise when in contact with rails. Carbon fiberglass pulleys, including roller bearings, sliding smooth, durable wear, box-type closed structure is effective in dust, more suitable for large northern sand areas, two anti-jump devices to ensure safe and reliable slide. The wheels of some low-grade sliding doors, made of organic plastic, are easy to wear and deform. The time of long-time push-pull is high and low, the open-wheel structure is easy to enter the dust and wear the internal bearings, it is difficult to guarantee the push-pull flexibility, and there is no anti-jump device. It is easy to derail when pushing and pulling. It is not safe.

Find out the warranty period

Less powerful sliding door manufacturers, in order to take orders before the sale, may make a promise to the customer for a good warranty, wait until the customer finds problems in the use of maintenance and other after-sales service, or unheard of, or push three obstacles, or just to deal with, all kinds of services The problem is exposed. Therefore, it is suggested that before ordering, consumers must fully understand the strength of the manufacturer, find out the warranty period, and request a product warranty card after the product is installed. After all, sliding doors are also expensive home durable consumer goods.


The regional characteristics of the aluminum door profiles and glass styles are divided between North and South. The north is mainly characterized by thick aluminum and stable styles, the most representative of which is the grid clause style, and the most distinctive feature of the grid is Tanger. In the south, aluminum has a variety of shapes and styles are the main features. The most representative is the flower glass style. The more distinctive styles are the lattice, ice sculpture, shallow carving, crystal shell and so on.

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