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Metek DIY Barn Door
- Oct 15, 2018 -



Metek DIY barn door use imported 40mm thick solid pine wood. The specifications of spliced board are uniform,they are complete fit after installation.With internal strips to prevent deformation due to environmental changes.


A variety of styles are available, including framed and frameless. At the same time, we provide glazed and rough finishing for your choice.


The package is simple and time-saving. It is very suitable for retail and this package reduces the damage to the product during transportation. Due to the large open area of regular doors, they needs to be very cautious.


Save on shipping. Due to the small size and large amount loading quantity, shipping costs and local courier fees are greatly reduced. A 40 HQ container can load about 260 pcs regular barn door while it can load about 450 pcs the DIY barn door.


Easy to handle. Two persons are required to carry regular doors, but this packaged door can be carried alone. You can even load the F150 car pickup directly into your home after purchase.


Higher yield per unit area. For supermarkets, if sales are constant, the smaller the shelf area occupied by products, the higher the profit. Same size barn door have the advantage with  smaller package.


Unpainted and assembled diy barn doors are more competitive and end customers can paint any color according to personal preference. At the same time, after-sales problems are eliminated due to surface treatment .

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