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How To Buy Glass Sliding Doors?
- May 15, 2018 -

In the home decoration, glass sliding door is a common one, because it can save a certain space, and good light transmission, so it is widely used in the home. How to buy glass sliding doors?

one look

The so-called look is to look at profile sections. The glass sliding door profiles on the market are divided into two types, aluminum-magnesium alloy and recycled aluminum. With regard to high-quality sliding door profiles, aluminum crucibles, copper, magnesium, manganese and other alloys are required. The greatest advantage is the degree of toughness. The low-quality profile is recycled aluminum. Its toughness and its service life are far inferior to the sliding doors of aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles. One thing to note here is that the sliding doors of aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles are not painted, and all use primary colors. However, companies can not help but shoddy and paint. Therefore, when the purchaser chooses to purchase, it should allow the merchant to display the profile of the product and understand the actual raw material.

Second, listen

Sliding door is required to install the upper and lower two sets of pulleys before they can be used. And this is listening to the vibration of the pulley. The upper pulley has a guiding effect and it is mounted in the upper part of the track. Therefore, it is often overlooked by the purchaser. What the purchaser does not know is that the structure of the upper pulley is rather complicated. In addition to the bearings inside, they are also fixed together with aluminum blocks for two rounds so that there is no noise when it slides smoothly. It should be noted that the sliding door does not slide better and lighter during sliding, but has a certain degree of self-consciousness in the process of application. In smooth hours, there are no vibrations or noises.

Third, pick

Sliding doors are divided into upper and lower pulleys, so whether the ground track planning is reasonable or not will directly affect the application of products and the number of years. So when it comes to picking, pay attention to track height and edge-fastness. To choose a good feeling, easy to clean and sanitary style. As for the edge-fastness, the need for rubber strips has been chosen. On the market there are two rubber strips, pvc rubber and silicone, and silicone has obvious quality and decorative effects. With regard to the elderly and children in the family, it is best not to exceed 5 mm in the height of the rails to avoid tripping.

Fourth, choose

Glass is also a safety concern. Sliding doors basically use glass. Therefore, the quality of glass directly determines the price of the door. Tempered glass is the best choice, broken will not hurt, high security, appearance should also be transparent.

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