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How Install Barn Door Hardware
- Jul 26, 2018 -

The traditional barn door design has an obvious American country style. It is commonly used in American and European style decoration styles. With the different aesthetics, the variety and style become more and more colorful after changing the barn door. The production materials include solid wood, metal materials, composite panels and many other options.

First, the barn door installation conditions

1. The wall of the room where you want to install the barn door first must be the load-bearing wall of the room, and whether there is enough empty wall next to the door for the normal push-pull switch of the barn door. Because the barn door is mostly made of solid wood or metal, the weight of the door itself is very heavy, and the barn door is hung, and it is completely supported by the upper track, so the beam on the door hole should be able to bear the weight. Only the load-bearing wall of red brick or concrete can support the barn door. If it is the partition wall of the room or the wall made of hollow brick or foam brick material, it can not be installed, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the barn door in the future. Use, there will be hidden dangers of collapse.

2. The height from the top to the ceiling of the barn door is greater than 16 cm. This is determined by the size of the hardware of the barn door and the minimum height required by the special pulley. It should be determined according to the size of the actual installed barn door. The old wooden barn door in the picture above, with the blue wall, looks clean and fresh, and the addition of iron nails on the door adds a heavy weight.

barn door

Second, the barn door installation steps

1. Preparation for wall layout

Since the barn door is moved by the slide rails, the whole wall of the room can be decorated first. If the wall is equipped with a door frame or a skirting line and other thicknesses that are not standard enough, it is necessary to decorate the woodwork. The wall is perforated, and the hole distance of the hanging wheel on the door leaf is marked on the wall. The hanging wheel hole is not less than 10 cm away from the door edge. Mark it well and drill it with a chainsaw. Pay attention to the size of the hole and the valley. The matching hardware of the warehouse door is matched.

2, install the door rail and limiter

After the holes on the wall are fixed, install the barn door hanging track. Before fixing the track, insert the stopper into the track, and then fix the track to the wall with long screws. The two stoppers are on the track. Between the two screws at the end of the side, then hang the door on the track and push the door to the left and right sides. It should be noted that the installed track must be tightened to ensure its stability. Among the barn door installation steps, the requirements for hardware are relatively high, and the hanging wheel should also ensure smoothness and will not affect the movement of the barn door.

3, installation inspection

The barn door belongs to the type of sliding door. After installation, it must undergo strict inspection. The door leaf can be smoothly pushed to both sides of the track. There is no inclination. After the door leaf is hung on the track, the position of the anti-deblocking block is twisted. On the inside, this will play a role in preventing the off.

barn door

The above is a brief introduction to the installation steps of the barn door. I believe that everyone has already learned how to install the barn door. When installing the barn door, the height of the door needs to be reserved for a certain distance to ensure that the wall and the ground are moving. There will be friction.

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