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Exclusive Brand Of Metek Barn Door: IZI
- Dec 04, 2018 -

  As a pioneer of barn door system, Metek is armed with an experienced and professional team. With the stronger company and large coverage of products, we set barn door system as the heart and increasingly extend circumjacent products. The barn door have developed so much that it climbs to be one of the most significant products.Therefore, we’d like to introduce our exclusive brand for barn door - IZI. 


  Having the same pronunciation with Easy, IZI represents the easy installation and tear-down of Metek barn door. Different from traditional barn doors, our innovative barn door structure lessens our package, facilitate the transportation, strengthen the carton and simplify the installation. It is unique in the market so far. Metek keeps the head of the market, through consistent innovation and hard work.

alexandru-acea-674024-unsplash 拷贝

  At present, IZI has exported to North America and Australia market, and receives positive feedback. The appearance of Metek barn door’s exclusive brand-IZI will lead the global extension of Metek barn doors.


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