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Do You Know The Difference Between Hanging Doors And Sliding Doors?
- May 15, 2018 -

Hanging doors and sliding doors, many people know more about sliding doors, and are less familiar with hanging doors. The difference between hanging doors and sliding doors is not clear at the time of purchase. Some guests may not even distinguish between hanging doors and sliding doors. Today we will talk about the content of hanging doors and sliding doors. What are the differences between hanging doors and sliding doors?

1, sliding door

Adopting the lower support of the door pulley as the main support point, the underground guide rails are used to push and pull the sliding door. The main force point is on the lower pulley, and the upper pulley is mostly auxiliary sliding. Therefore, the quality of the ground rail and the lower pulley directly affects the sliding door. The service life. Traditional sliding doors are mostly used for wardrobes in bedrooms or locker rooms, but with the development of technology and the diversification of renovation methods, from the surface of the board to glass, cloth, rattan, aluminum alloy profiles, from sliding doors, folding doors to partition doors The function and scope of use of sliding doors are constantly expanding. In this case, the use of sliding doors began to become diverse and abundant. In addition to the most common partition doors, sliding doors are widely used in bookcases, wall cabinets, living rooms, showrooms, and push-pull doors.

2, hanging door

Supported by hanging wheels, the lower rail wheel is positioned to push and pull the sliding door. The first to bear the strength is the aluminum alloy hanging rail, and the hanging wheel is also good or bad to determine the service life of the hanging door. Hanging doors are suitable for balconies, restaurants, kitchens, toilet partitions, etc.

Difference between hanging door and sliding door

The difference between the two is that, first and foremost, both push and push the door in a push-pull manner.

The sliding door is equipped with rails under the rails, with a dark wheel below the door for sliding, and the gravity of the rail sliding door is below. The ground is always more stable than the sky, the sliding door is simple to install and easy to maintain, the ground must be done A door slot, but the track under the sliding door is very simple and stagnant, filth, and hygiene is relatively costly.

Hanging rail above the installation of hanging rails and equipped with a hanging wheel to slide, just a guide wheel below, no water, no dirt, cleaning more convenient. And this kind of door is open without noise, without threshold, beautiful and generous. We have shown through a lot of data that the service life of hanging doors is not as good as that of sliding doors, so we give priority to sliding doors when recommending products to customers.

The profiles of aluminum alloy doors on the market are divided into titanium magnesium aluminum alloy and recycled aluminum. High-quality door profiles are made of aluminum, tantalum, copper, magnesium, manganese and other alloys. They have great advantages in toughness, and their thickness can reach more than 1mm. The lower quality profiles are recycled aluminum, toughness and use. Years have decreased.

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